Dr. Purgo Sanis

God of Sanitary Disinfectants


Strength d4
Agility d6
Vigor d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d6

Healing d4
Knowledge (Science) d8
Survival d4
Intimidation d4
Notice d8
Shooting d6
Fighting d6
Guts d6

Extra Power x3 (+15 Points)

Major Phobia (Open, unpurified air)
Quirk (Constant Cleansing, self and others and general area)

Ranged Attack (Chemical Jet) (2d6, Armor Piercing 1) (5 Points)
Energy Control (Radiation, Fire, and Chemical Compounds) (6 Points)
Healing (2 Points)
Damage Field (Radiation, Selective) (6 Points)
Armor 9 (6 Points)

Handheld Computer/Phone (iPhone)
Flashlight (Headlamp)
Infinite Supply of Hand Sanitizing Compound
Gas Mask
Lab Coat
Rubber Gloves
$180,000/Year income as head of CDC

Miracle: Immaculate Sanctuary (1 Faith)
A one-mile cubed area becomes completely free of whatever type of material or substance he designates. Avatars or human beings take damage every turn they are inside (2d6 damage per turn), 10 turns.

Miracle: Cleansing Blast (3 Faith)
All characters you so choose within a large burst template around you are instantly un-shaken and healed of two wounds.

14 XP


Dr. Purgo Sanis

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