Envy Adams

Goddess of Love


Agility d6
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d4

Streetwise d10
Persuasion d10
Taunt d6
Notice d6
Intimidate d8
Fighting d6
Healing d6
Investigate d8

Common Bond
Sex Appeal
More Power Points-

Enemy Major (Aphrodite)
Delusion Minor (Believes she is most beautiful in the world)

Chameleon (Voice Enhancement) (4 Points)
Divine Skill Persuasion (1 Point)
Mind Control (3 Points)
Telepathy (2 Points)
Mind Reading (3 Points)
Divine Attribute (Smarts) (1)

Regular Camera
Normal Clothing x2
Formal Clothing x3
10Ft Rope
Wooden Ring (Enchanted +2 Armor)
James Bronson’s Business Card
Bacchus’ Business Card
Aikon’s Business Card
Ruger .22
Two AK-47s (not usually carried with)

Miracle: Free Love
Everyone within up to one mile of your avatar must make a spirit roll against your charisma. If they fail, they must immediately seek a romantic liaison for the next one hour.

Miracle: Charming Presence (2 Faith Points)
Non-gods are charmed by looking at her. Wildcards make an opposed smarts check to resist. Worshippers are unaffected if their god is present.

13 XP


Envy Adams

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